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I chose to go crossbow hunting, or as some might say purchasing, another day. I needed, well, you name it, the whole nine yards. I needed, a crossbow, a crossbow scope, bolts (or arrows), targets, broad heads for bow hunting, a quiver and whatever else a beginning archer may need. I say beginning because in essence I am a beginner. I used a longbow as a youth some 50 years ago and really enjoyed it. So, I thought I might pick it up again but this time I thought I might pick up a crossbow.

On the way to the store I realized it may be sensible to set up a budget for my new hobby. I mean I don’t want to walk into this store and shed $2 or $3 big on some equipment I’ve A. Never used previously, B. I have no clue what the competition might be charging and C. I may be too old for this sort of thing. (63, just sayin) I solved the budget problem with my favourite tactic, procrastination. I would buy nothing tonight. Ha ha. I checked out all the equipment including the crossbows, the scopes, bolts and tips, targets and quivers.

On the way home from the store I reasoned that up to a budget was concerned I should definitely have one. Crossbows ranged from $250 to $1,500. I’m confident that you could spend more. If I am gonna do this, I’m gonna do so right and that means a range. Scopes can vary from $99 to $2500 and up. Some of them let you see in the dark and everything. How cool is that. Then there are the bolts or arrows in the case of crossbows. Aluminum are the best bang for your buck. Then you need practice arrow tips and hunting arrows with broadhead tips. These can run $100 to get a few of each. Then you have goals to practice with, another $50. This new hobby is not affordable. But it does not have to cost 2 or 3K to get started. When I got an inexpensive bow and scope, arrows, tips and targets I could be out on the range shooting for approximately 5 or $600. Not bad. Then when I get better I can upgrade. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Next stop, more shopping, but this time on the Web. My feet hurt. On the Web you can not just save wear and tear on your feet, you can get reliable information regarding the products you’re shopping for. In the shop, unless you’re lucky and find an experienced crossbow hunter to wait on you you’re on your own.


Purchasing a crossbow

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